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Senya Scott Proud To Be Reigning Queen Of Rosaria

In her first year at Howard University in Washington, D.C., Senya Scott told new friends about her background as Rose Festival queen, and felt the admiration.

Scott, from Ida B. Wells High School, feels pride in being the reigning queen.

“It’s something I’ll be able to identify with for the rest of my life,” she said. “It’s such a special experience, being here (in D.C.). It’s part of who I am.

“It did help build me as a young woman with confidence and public speaking skills. It’s continued to be something I hold close to my heart. There have been connections and friendships made. It’s like a family for me. I’m excited to see who gets to come into my role this year. I’m here whenever they need me.”

Scott, 19, was slated to return to Portland in early May to resume her queen duties, which includes crowning the new Queen of Rosaria on June 9, and making appearances.

Meanwhile, her first year of college went well at Howard, one of the Historically Black Colleges and Universities, as she called it a “growing experience.” It was a beautiful campus and cool city to live in. She’s looking into a liberal arts education, possibly pursuing broadcast journalism and music, while also currently declaring as a political science major. She had expressed interest in being in politics and/or law.

Scott said she may attend another university starting in the fall.

She excelled in media in high school and broadcast journalism “brings out my personality a lot more. I enjoy writing, I did editing in high school, but broadcast journalism is where I shined.” She hosted her own online show at Wells, called “Hot Tea with Senya.” She also served on a school name change committee (it was changed from Wilson High).

As far as being Rose Festival queen, “This is really a childhood thing for me, ever since my family moved (to Portland) in 2015 — I was 12 years old then — we went to the Grand Floral Parade,” said Scott, who was born in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. “I was so focused on the parade ... I remember my sisters chatting the whole time. I couldn’t take my eyes off the floats, I was enamored with the queen and the court. It was so interesting and regal and fun.”

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