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CIEL | Living With The Risk Of Bird Flu Report 2023

t’s impossible to ignore Bird Flu – the effect it is having on the poultry industry and its impact on some wild bird populations. More recently, alarms have been raised regarding Bird Flu passing on to mammalian species, including humans.

Against this backdrop, CIEL has commissioned a report ‘Living with the Risk of Bird Flu’. The publication is designed to contribute to discussions in industry on how we learn to live with the risk of Bird Flu (Avian Influenza) and strategies that can be employed to do so.

The report has been written by Prof. Lisa Boden and her team at the University of Edinburgh Global Academy of Agriculture and Food Systems.

The report documents existing evidence (as of February 2023), identifies knowledge gaps and recommends future research priorities. This includes the risks of disease occurrence, spread and mitigation methods, and management & communication of risks during an outbreak. It also considers knowledge transfer between industry, scientists and policymakers, and the effectiveness of current and proposed (e.g. vaccination) mitigation methods.

Why has CIEL commissioned the report?

  • To offer a clear, concise summary of current situation
  • To inform and raise awareness of the issues associated with Bird Flu, particularly how it impacts farmers and wider agrifood supply chain
  • To provide practical guidance to help industry make informed decisions on managing the now enduring challenge of Bird Flu
  • To act as a stimulus for accelerating science and innovation
  • To promote and inform debate amongst industry and policy
  • To reveal and help address potential weaknesses in the supply chain
  • To highlight broader implications for managing animal health and welfare risks/dealing with disease.

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